Isabella Spa ~ Salon

.....After a long, arduous journey from London, Isabella and William reached their destination in America: Geneva, NY.  It's secluded location of beauty was exactly the place William had heard about, and needed. It was thousands of miles from London, but may as well have been worlds apart.

William and Isabella decided on Geneva, NY for their residence because of an extremely old, almost magical type of tree neither of them had seen before. They were so drawn to this tree they spent their first night together, on their new property, holding each other below its' hanging branches. This is the spot where Isabella Spa now entertains couples with the same love and aspirations.

Put your mind at ease and immerse yourself completely! Nestled inside of our prestigious and historic castle, Isabella Spa~Salon awaits to take you away from life's everyday stresses.  Indulge in the ultimate relaxation of a full menu of soothing spa services or pamper yourself in our modern day salon.  With the use of natural products, combined with decadent service, we are here to promote inner peace and harmony.

Isabella Spa offers a full menu of soothing massages, warm wraps, invigorating body scrubs and rejuvenating facials.  We invite you to let us help restore balance, release muscle tension and bring you to total relaxation under the touch of our highly skilled and trained therapists.

Isabella Salon Services include cutting edge hair styles, superior color sevices, indulgent hand and foot treatments, topped with phenomenal make-up artistry.  Join us for a day or just a service and leave feeling re-energized!

Enjoy browsing among the certified natural, organic products and the supreme essential oils that Isabella's Spa Boutique has to offer, or splurge on one of our many gift items for that special someone!


Open daily, Monday through Sunday, year-round.
Please contact us at 315-781-5040