Belhurst Estate Wines at Edgar's

Edgar's Steakhouse Proudly Presents Award-Winning Wines from Belhurst Estate Winery

Belhurst Chardonnay
A slight dill nose turns to green apples...crisp & bright. The mouth starts with white peaches and immediately turns to hazelnut and buttered caramel. A long creamy textured finish with more toasted hazelnut and a slight spritz. Pair with our Mussels, Roasted Corn & Clam Chowder and Pork Entree.
$7.50 glass | $30 bottle

Belhurst Pinot Grigio
The opulent bouquet of this lovely pale green wine begins with tart apple skin which quickly opens to lush pear preserves and ripe honeydew melon. The finish is subtle pineapple, yielding to grassy guavas. Pair with our Calamari, Finger Lakes Caesar and Swordfish entrée.
$7.25 glass | $29 bottle

Belhurst Gewurztraminer
Layers of pine and pineapple with a hint of lime zest & green grass fill your nose. A well rounded but extremely complex mouth starts with more pineapple and slight lime moving into mineral orange liqueur and orange zest. The finish is long & bright giving back bursts of orange! Pair with our Blue Crab Fondue, Center Cut Iceberg Salad and Seafood Risotto.
$7.25 glass | $29 bottle

Belhurst Dry Riesling
The delightful nose is filled with mandarin and tangelos. The bountiful mouth introduces green apple skins and zesty grapefruit giving way to a well rounded mouth structure. The finish is a pretty orange blossom with additional lingering oranges. Pair with our Prawns, Center Cut Iceberg Salad or Farfalle Entree.
$7.25 glass | $29 bottle

Belhurst Semi-Dry Riesling
Your first inhale is a nose of floral and honey. The mouth delivers flavor of juicy d’anjou pears and mango. This wine finishes long and smooth with candied caramel apples and white peach with lingering floral. Pair with our Barbeque Shrimp, Bibb Lettuce Caprese or Penne Entrée.
$7 glass | $28 bottle

Belhurst Cabernet Franc
The nose of our 2008 Cabernet Franc has subtle raw tobacco, burnt wood with black current and pomegranate spice. The mouth is full ripened juicy plum with hints of blueberry. Solid spice continues throughout with more black fruit showing. The finish is dry and smooth. Pair with our Stuffed Mushroom appetizer, French Onion Soup and Prime Rib.
$9.25 glass | $37 bottle

Belhurst Cabernet Sauvignon
This delicious Cabernet gives a dark fruit and tobacco nose. The mouth is full of leather and blue fruits. Cranberry-like finishes gives way to chewy toffee and caramel. Pair with our Stuffed Mushroom appetizer, Bibb Lettuce Caprese and Filet Mignon.
$7.25 glass | $29 bottle

Belhurst Merlot
A nose of raspberry seed and subtle cigarillo. The mouth starts with red raspberry and tart cherry leading to spearmint, finishing with an unmistakable black cherry flavor. Pair with our Escargot, Finger Lakes Caesar, Frenched Ribchop.
$10 glass | $40 bottle

Belhurst Naturel Sparkling Wine
A nose of golden yellow apple skins and yeast. The lime zest effervescence leads to creamy apricot and white peach. Finishing with bakers dough and more white peach. Pair with our Mussels, Finger Lakes Caesar and the Pork Entrée.
$6 glass | $30 bottle

Belhurst Dry Rosé
Lemon peel, white peach & golden straw fill your nose followed with pie cherry in the front of your mouth. Young red raspberries and green grass fill your mouth moving into a dry creamy rhubarb finish. The mouth holds bright long & creamy. Pair with our BBQ Shrimp, Finger Lakes Caesar, and the Penne Entrée.
$7.25 glass | $29 bottle

Manitou – Meritage
Cabernet franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Verdot, Merlot and Malbec make up this spectacular Meritage. The rich beautiful garnet color fill the glass. Red raspberry, dark figs and raisins layer the nose with aromas of burnt cedar. A mouth of fresh picked cherries, blueberry and anise lead to a long finish of blended black tea leaves and leather. Pair with our Escargot, French Onion Soup and NY Strip Steak.
$11 glass | $44 bottle

The nose starts with creamy essences of vanilla and apricot, mingling with overripe cantaloupe. A silky, dry mouth with fresh ripe fig and a generous splash of Macintosh apple. This tasty unique blend of Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer finishes with spice and a citrus zest! Pair with our Blue Crab Martini, Corn & Clam Chowder and Seafood Risotto Entrée.
$6.50 glass | $26 bottle

Golden Pheasant
This wine stands well with or without food! The blend of Seyval and Chardonnay has a wonderful balance! A mouth of subtle white lilac and spicy stewed peaches. A medium bodied, light herbal sweet finish. Pair with our Calamari Appetizer, French Onion Soup and Seafood Risotto Entrée.
$6.25 glass | $16.25 ½ carafe | $39 full carafe

The layered pink hues give way to a nose of sugared strawberries and crisp black cherries. A soft body imparts bubblegum and pomegranate flavors. A mouth watering finish of a light cinnamon and peach. Pair with our Prawns, Center Cut Iceberg Salad and Veal Entrée.
$6.50 glass | $26 bottle

Candied Figs and berries fill your nose! Silky tannins and fall spices on the tongue leading to dark chocolate & subtle oak. Finishing with cinnamon graham cracker. Pair with our Stuffed Mushroom appetizer, Bibbed Lettuce Caprese or Duckling Entrée.
$6.25 glass | $15.75 ½ carafe | $37.50 full carafe

Knight - Vignoles
Our Knight contains eighty percent Vignoles with a touch of Riesling & Gewurztraminer. A distinct blend that is silky and spicy with star fruit, pineapple & overripe peaches in the mouth. Slight honey undertones, layers of grass and candied fruit finish off this well balanced wine! Pair with Corn & Clam Chowder, Center Cut Iceberg Salad or Chicken Entrée.
$6.50 glass | $26 bottle

Isabella Sparkling Wine
Strawberry and citrus nose. Grapey mouth developing into dry sophisticated wine. Cranberry and grassy mouth, slight pine needle. Finishing with cinnamon & rhubarb. Pair with our Blue Crab Fondue, Center Cut Iceberg Salad and Penne Entrée.
$6.75 glass | $34 bottle